Sunday, 12 December 2010

Breakfast Poem of the Week - Ready Salted by Ian McMillan

Mornings are fairly frantic affairs in our house – cats to feed, PE kits to find and sandwiches to make … but if I do manage to sit down long enough to grab a bowl of cereal, I sometimes have a leaf through one of my poetry books. Most of the poems are short enough to read in the time it takes to eat and I like starting the day with some words in my head.

I found this one last week and it made me laugh, so I thought I'd share it. I was expecting something to happen, but still wasn't prepared for the ending. Brilliant stuff.

Ready Salted by Ian McMillan

Nothing else happened
that day.

Nothing much, anyway.

I got up, went to school,
did the usual stuff.

Came home, watched telly,
did the usual stuff.

Nothing else happened
that day,

nothing much, anyway,

but the eyeball in the crisps
was enough.

copyright Ian McMillan


  1. Yes made me laugh too but glad I wasn't eating my cereal at the time! I really love the idea of reading poetry at breakfast time though. As mornings in my house sometimes resemble a war zone, I feel this could be just what I need to escape!

  2. Worth a try Liz. I find it sometimes puts an unexpected slant on the day, depending on the poem of course!