Sunday, 24 July 2011

Top 6 procrastination techniques used when I should be writing

1. Writing a blog post listing my top 6 procrastination techniques. (At least I won't be able to use this one again for a while.)
2. Checking email – this is a bad one. A real time sponge.
3. Letting all my Twitter followers know that I am writing, when clearly, what I'm actually doing is twittering …
4. Research. There's a time for research and a time for writing. When I'm drafting I'm sometimes tempted to go and look something up, find a clever name for a character for example, when what I should do is just put anything in for now and keep going.
5. Walking to the local shop for bread / milk / biscuits / cat food / chocolate (delete as applicable) One needs to be properly prepared before summoning the muse.
6. Organising my books alphabetically by the protagonist's first name. I suspect this is actually beyond the realm of procrastination though and far more serious. I mean, first of all you have to remember who the lead character is, and what if there's two? The Pigman for example? Should that be filed under J for John or L for Lorraine?

This could take all night …

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