Friday, 12 August 2011

A word from the attic

I've been locked away in the attic for the past couple of weeks, surviving on a diet of tea and shortbread – which keeps me typing, but may mean I have to enlarge the hatch in order to get out again. I'm busy working on my new book for OUP and really enjoying getting back into full-on storytelling mode. I always find first drafts precarious but exciting, especially when characters and events start to take over as I write.

Things have also been happening over at The Edge, with three new books coming out in the past two months, plus a whole host of interviews and features. It was my turn to write the Edge blog post this week – it's about comics and reading, and includes a great Calvin and Hobbes story – have a look if you get the chance.

Cheers for now and happy reading!


  1. Happy Writing Dave! I've just liked your Facebook author page too. Its picking up speed!!

  2. Thanks, Miriam. It is indeed! Great stuff.