Tuesday, 27 December 2011

9 Days Without a Book! Countdown to Publication #7: National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA)

15 Days Without a Head will be in bookshops in 9 days time. By way of celebration, I will be publishing a new post here every day, leading up to publication on January 5th. The idea is to provide a few bonus items, such as you'd expect to find on the extras disc of a DVD – except these will be available before the main feature of course! 

15 Days Without a Head is a work of fiction, but many young people live with problems similar to those faced by Laurence and Jay in the story. In fact, there are an estimated one million children affected by parental alcohol problems in the UK today.

The National Association for Children of Alcoholics provides confidential support and understanding to anyone affected. This includes children of all ages, many whose problems only become apparent in adulthood.

The following video is a brief introduction to the important service NACOA provides:

The single, A Change is Gonna Come was specially recorded by Maria McAteer, Bjorn Dahlberg and the Stanford Quartet for Children of Alcoholics Week in February 2011. The video below was produced by Sean Caveille. You can download the single here from iTunes, and help support NACOA.

In 2012, Children of Alcoholics week is 12-18 February. I'll be posting more information here nearer the time, but please visit the website if you would like to get involved.

NACOA Free Confidential Helpline: 0800 358 3456
Email: helpline@nacoa.org.uk

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Tomorrow: 15 Days Without a Head Fortune Teller – yours to cut out and keep!

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