Wednesday, 4 January 2012

1 Day Without a Book! Countdown to Publication #15: On my desk – objects no writer should be without

15 Days Without a Head will be in bookshops tomorrow! By way of celebration, I have been publishing a new post here every day, for the 15 days leading up to publication. The idea was to provide a few bonus items, such as you'd expect to find on the extras disc of a DVD. Today is the last of the 15 posts. To read the rest, scroll down or see the archive at the bottom of the sidebar. Thanks to everyone who has been following and left comments. But this is by no means the end!

Today is the second stop on the 15 Days Without a Head Blog Tour, where I'll be visiting some of the best book blog sites on the internet to talk about 15 Days, writing, books, music and The World's Largest Rubber Band Ball

To find out more, join me over at Feeling Fictional and take a tour of the attic where I write.

Tomorrow: 15 Days Without a Head will be available in the bookshops and I'll be visiting Serendipity Reviews and choosing the Song of the Month, for Book Angel Booktopia.

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