Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Nower Hill and Northwood School Tour with The New Leaf Bookshop, Pinner.

 I had a great time visiting two secondary schools in Pinner today, with Martin and Judy from The New Leaf Bookshop

Martin, Judy and Emily at the shop

Before setting off for our first event, I was invited to add my name to the wall of honour!

As usual, Tim Bowler puts the right words in the right order.

Cathy Cassidy added cake and stars!

Brilliant! If only I'd thought to draw Jay as a dog …

Then it was off to Nower Hill School for two sessions with Year Nine to talk about 15 Days Without a Head and my journey to becoming an author. Big thanks to all the staff and students for making us so welcome and not complaining they lost half of break because of my talk!

Action shot – talking so fast, I'm blurred!

We arrived at Northwood to fantastic welcome – Jaffa Cakes and a series of posters advertising the event. Thanks again to all the staff and students at the school, especially Louise and the artists who made the posters.

I particularly like this one as it shows me with hair!

In action – acting out the comic book I drew when I was 11.

If you're ever in Pinner, make sure you visit.


  1. It was great to meet you, Dave! We are so glad you like the posters!

  2. The posters were great! I really enjoyed the visit and hope to see you all again.