Wednesday, 1 August 2012

One Year! Wahey! or My Accidental Oscar Acceptance Speech

Today I'm celebrating one year as a full-time author! 

The last twelve months have passed in a flash. My debut novel for teenagers, 15 Days Without a Head was published in January and selected as The Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week! Not a bad way to start things off! I then embarked on my first school visits – a steep learning curve, but a great experience. I've since lost count of the number of schools and library events I've taken part in – both on my own and with my fellow authors at The Edge –but meeting readers is one of the best parts of my new job.

One of the highlights of my year has to be appearing at the Hay Festival in June – a day full of "pinch-me, I must be dreaming" moments. A few weeks after returning from Hay I delivered the final manuscript for my next book for Oxford University Press, it's called Waiting for Gonzo and it comes out in March. I'm now writing a first draft of a new story and getting ready for an event at this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival with my fellow Edge author Sara Grant

All told, it's been an incredible year – hard work but I've learnt a lot and each morning when I climb the ladder to the attic where I write, I still can't quite believe that this is my job now!

My intention when I sat down was to simply post a picture of the cake, but as usual, I've rambled on and this is in danger of sounding like some kind of Oscar acceptance speech! But while I'm here, I'd just like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me in these past twelve months – my agent, Sarah Manson, everyone at my publisher Oxford University Press, all the readers, book sellers, teachers, librarians, bloggers, journalists, fellow writers, and most of all, my friends and family. So … thank you! Now, all back to mine for some cake …


  1. Congratulations, Dave! Enjoy your well-deserved cake!

    Love from us all


    1. Thanks, Viv. Unfortunately after taking the photo of the cake I put it back in the tin and when I went back to eat it, someone had beaten me to it! I have a list of suspects …

  2. Congratulations Dave! You have done so well. We are all looking forward to Book 2!

    Love from another Viv!

    1. Thanks, Viv, you're very kind. Vivs are cool!