Thursday, 25 October 2012

15 Days Telephone Box Bingo!

A telephone box is featured on the front cover of 15 Days Without a Head and plays an important role in the story. As a result I've found myself taking pictures of red phone boxes I see on my travels. 

Join me in a game of Telephone Box Bingo and send me your photos* – extra points will be awarded if you're pictured inside the box! (Don't forget to include the location.) 

See if you can find any of the telephone boxes I've been to so far:

Llaneglwys, Wales

St. Peters Place, Brighton

Powys, Wales

Moor Street Station, Birmingham

Crickadarn, Wales

Pelham Square, Brighton

Westfields, Talgarth

Grand Avenue, Hove

Powys, Wales

* Email your photos to dave(AT)davecousins(DOT)net or upload to my Facebook page.

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