Friday, 9 November 2012

YLG & SLANI Wendy Drewett Ireland Book Day 2012

Earlier this week I flew to Northern Ireland to take part in the Wendy Drewett Ireland Book Day in Antrim. The event is a joint venture between the Youth Libraries Group and the School Library Association. It provides an opportunity for librarians from all over Northern Ireland to get together and share ideas and strategies, as well as the chance to meet and hear about new books from established and debut authors. Here are a few photo highlights from the trip:

A spot of Telephone Box Bingo at Luton Airport!
(double points, surely?)

A welcome sign after my first flight in twenty years!

The event started with the New Directions panel,
chaired by Joy Court.

Paul Hammond introduces us to Superfly and Midge

Katherine Roberts brandishes her Sword of Light!

Librarian Bev Humphrey gave some excellent tips for online resources.

Cake envy at break time.

Liz Pichon gives a lesson in how to draw like Tom Gates!

Professor Joan Swann shared some fascinating research on the
impact of Carnegie/Kate Greenaway shadowing in schools. Long may it continue.

The New Voices Debut Authors Panel was chaired by YLG Chair, Rachel Levy

Jane McLoughlin on the background to her
Carnegie nominated YA thriller, At Yellow Lake

"Don't worry about the book, just check out my new shirt!"
(Handmade by the talented Mrs C!)

Sarah Hammond reads from the excellent Night Sky in My Head

Lucy Forrester, specialist librarian from Peters Booksellers gave a fascinating
introduction to the world of graphic novels.

Discussions continue back at the hotel bar long into the night.

You can make up your own caption for this one …
(Suggestions in the comments box below please!) 

It was a real privilege to be invited to take part in the event and have the opportunity to meet some of the library professionals who do such important work in helping young people discover the joy of books and develop a reading culture in our schools and communities. Librarians rock!


  1. "Yikes, my head never looked like that 15 days ago..."

    PS> I was brandishing my book and not my actual sword, because airport security refused to let Excalibur through, the spoilsports.

    1. Can't imagine why Katherine! Though we may have all found ourselves headless if you had been allowed to wield the real thing!