Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mighty Boosh Christmas Cake!

Long time visitors to this blog will know that around this time of year I dig out my copy of the Elvis Presley Christmas album (on original 'bacon and eggs' vinyl of course) to crank out some festive spirit while my youngest and I stir-up this year's Christmas Cake. It's one of those family traditions that has evolved and gathered a momentum of its own. I don't remember when, or why, we started making 'themed' cakes, but these days the question of what is going on top of the cake is almost as important as what goes into it!

In recent years we've had Monster Munch, Doctor Who and, my personal favourite, Calvin and Hobbes. This year's choice was proving difficult, until Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh mysteriously replaced the angel on top of our Christmas tree. 

At the time of writing, nobody in the house had owned up to the switch, but it did give us an idea for what to put on the cake.

So come with us now, on our festive journey, as we wish you a very Merry Boosh …

The cake – awaiting decoration

Christmas icing – made from the tears of Noddy Holder!

Cake! Cake! A tasty … cake!

Enjoy the festivities folks, thanks for all your support this year, hope to see you in 2013.