Friday, 9 January 2015

Download the "Waiting for Gonzo" Soundtrack — for FREE!

To celebrate the publication of Waiting for Gonzo in the United States and Canada, I'm posting a FREE download link for the soundtrack album that goes with the book.

"What's that?" you say. "A book with a soundtrack? Did I miss something?" 

The following video may help to explain …

So … now you can read the book AND hear the music playing in Oz's world as he makes his way through the story.

Ten original songs by some of Oz's favourite bands, including Dead Frank's Supersonic Milkfloat, Cyclops Dog, Cigarette UFO and Prayer for Halo—yours to download for FREE. Includes printable CD artwork with full lyrics booklet. 

DOWNLOAD HERE Did I mention it was FREE?

By the way, I'll be posting a couple more Waiting for Gonzo extras next week, so watch this space …

Waiting for Gonzo, is available now in the US and Canada, published by Flux.
A UK edition (published by Oxford University Press) and audiobook are also available. To read the story in Italian or Polish, please click on the links for San Paolo, Italy and YA! Poland. A German edition will be coming out in November.

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