Saturday, 5 February 2011

National Save Libraries Day

Today my family and I went to the library.

Three libraries actually.

We met up with friends and borrowed some books.

And DVDs, and stories on CD, and magazines … 

and went on the internet, and talked to the librarians and other visitors about what libraries mean to them.

"Going to the library is a three weekly must for me to have time with my daughter, which has led to her absolute passion for books, despite being dyslexic.  We go right up until 8pm if we haven't managed to fit it in earlier, a special mother and daughter time I would hate to see end."

"Since my dad died, my mum comes to the library three times a week. She's 83, but she can walk here from where she lives. She knows all the librarians. She reads the newspaper and chats to people. She knows more about what's going on than I do!"

"Story CDs from the library got my boys into reading. And stopped me throttling them on long car journeys!"

"I used the computers here when I lost my job, and the papers. I probably wouldn't have a job now if it wasn't for the library."

All over the country today, people have been visiting their libraries to borrow books, attend read-ins and protest against 450 planned library closures and reduction in opening hours for many others. The national library day of action is just the beginning. Keep using your library and spread the word.

For further information visit the following:

Special thanks to my wife who came with us and took the photos 
which is why she isn't in any of them.


  1. Hurray!!!

    Nice one, Dave, Dylan and photographer, Jane!

  2. Great stuff. I did a very similar thing with my family and we ended up with 45 books! The librarians were tired but really buoyed up by all the amazing local support.

  3. Let's hope it makes a difference. Should at least raise awareness and remind a few people, who might have forgotten, what a great resource their local library is.