Friday, 11 February 2011

Stories with an edge

Today I took a trip into London, to meet my fellow Edge authors.

(May I introduce, from left to right) Paula Rawsthorne, Katie Dale, Sara Grant, Bryony Pearce and Miriam Halahmy. Missing from the picture, but present in spirit are Keren David and Savita Kalhan.

But what is the Edge, you ask? Well, imagine a writers' equivalent of a superhero team-up – or a gang, if you prefer – because even children's book writers need back-up from time to time. Today's was an informal gathering, putting plans into place, deciding what outfits we would wear, that sort of thing (After much deliberation I opted out on a cape – too much of a snag hazard). To put it another way, the Edge is a group of like minded authors, all with stories to tell. Stories that tackle difficult subjects, raise questions and ideas. Stories … if you'll pardon the expression … with an edge.

The Edge will be touring schools, libraries and literary festivals towards the end of the year and launching a website in the next few months. For a taste of the Edge right now, check out The Long Weekend by Savita Kalhan, or When I Was Joe by Keren David. And available from March 24th, Hidden by Miriam Halahmy.

Oh, and just to prove I was actually there – here's a picture of me – at the edge …


  1. Oh this sounds like a fun venture. Somewhere on the web is a picture of you with a fruit bowl on your head. Why don't you wear that?

  2. I was trying to look edgy and probably ended up looking dodgy - whatever - great blog and a great start folks!

  3. Thanks Michele. The hat you speak of was actually made of fruit – so I had to eat it before it went off. It was also very heavy and too cumbersome for any real action. However I like the idea. Maybe I could adapt the fruit hat into something more manageable – a satsuma crown perhaps?
    Miriam, when you're on the edge, it's easy to cross the line into the realm of dodgy – though in this instance I think you're safe.

  4. Great idea, great name, great line-up of authors. Will you be having a fight with The Chainsaw Gang any time soon? Like Rock, Paper, Scissors but with knives and chainsaws!