Monday, 27 April 2020

Writing Prompt (First Line Series #1)

First lines are important. A great first line can hook a reader into a story, so they HAVE to read on and find out what happens.

A good first line can also take a story in many different directions.

This week I'm going to post a series a first line prompts. I won't claim that they're all going to be killer hooks, but I'm hoping they'll spark an idea to get you writing.

So, here we go …

A couple of quick tips:
These six words give you lots to work with. I've mentioned before that asking questions is a great way to spark ideas. For instance, there are four obvious questions that spring to mind here.

1. WHO is delivering the line of dialogue?
2. WHO are they talking to? 
3. WHAT is the "that" being denied entry?
4. WHERE is the "here"?

Just answering those questions should get you started.
There are more questions that naturally follow. For example:

5. WHY is the protagonist (possibly the narrator themselves) trying to take the THING into the PLACE?
6. What will happen if they are denied access? What is at STAKE here?
7. What will happen if they get past the person denying them access, or find another way in?

Once you start writing I'm sure lots more questions will occur. Follow the answers and see where they lead you …

Good luck. Have fun.

PS. I'm going to be working on the next draft of my new book for the next few weeks. I'll keep posting prompts, but it may just be a couple a week as I'm going to be busy wrangling my own words for a while!

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